Geotechnical Investigation, Consulting and Design

We provide end-to-end geotechnical services to our valued clients from pre-design to the construction stage for residential, commercial, and industrial projects.


We provide geotechnical investigation and recommendations for residential developments complying with the Australian Standard for Residential Slabs and Footings, AS2870.

Our experienced team assesses the soil characteristics and ground conditions to estimate surface movement to optimise foundation slab designs. We conduct regular shrink-swell index and Atterberg limits testing and maintain an in-house database to classify sites and optimise slab designs more reliably

It is becoming common to construct basement car park facilities for residential and commercial developments to optimise land use.

The selection of the basement retention system is the key to optimising project efficiency. Identifying soil/rock engineering properties is imperative for choosing a cost-effective retention system for projects.

Our experienced geotechnical team, with the help of our laboratory and simulation software, provides geotechnical recommendations and excavation methodologies for deep excavation projects.

Our experienced team is expertly capable of proposing the most suitable retention system for proposed basement walls considering site-specific conditions based on theoretical calculations and numerical modelling using software such as Plaxis 2D and 3D

GEOID's comprehensive in-house services include commercial and high-rise geotechnical investigations.

Our track record in this area is diverse and consists of;

  • Multistorey apartment building with basement car park facility

  • Childcare facilities

  • Warehouse and storage facilities

  • Service stations

  • Extension and refurbishment of warehouses

Our team provides site inspection and consultation services from pre-construction and construction to post-construction stages of the projects. Our competent team can assess and evaluate site conditions at various project stages to assist with the best-suited recommendation.

These services included;

  • Shallow/deep foundation inspection

  • Excavation supports

  • Crane Pads

  • Bearing capacity assessment

  • Subgrade inspection for floor slab and pavement

We carry out landslide risk assessments per AGS 2007 Practice Notes to satisfy local councils' requirements to construct structures within Erosion Management Overlay (EMO).

Our thorough desktop assessment appraises pre-historical landslide events in the vicinity of the site and beyond to establish the relative stability of the slope.

The subsequent field investigation process involves deep drilling, in-situ tests, and laboratory tests to assess soil engineering properties to assist with slope stability assessment using software simulations.

We conduct pavement investigations for both rigid concrete and flexible asphalt pavements. Typical projects include;

  • Small to large subdivision developments

  • Commercial car park facility and access ways

  • Industrial hard stand & container yards

  • Local access roads

  • Pavement upgrading or rehabilitation

Our pavement investigations start with field investigation, including drilling, in-situ testing, sampling, and road dipping to assess existing pavement markup and subgrade conditions.

The pavement design analysis includes computer modelling where required, and the design complies with the EDCM (engineering design construction manual) of local authorities. We conduct comprehensive pavement upgrades and rehabilitation to ensure that the expected design life of the pavement is met.

GEOID conducts LWD (light weight deflectometer) and FWD (falling weight deflectometer) tests and analyses test results to provide our clients with cost-effective and sustainable rehabilitation solutions.

GEOID provide forensic factual geotechnical investigations for structures currently under distress.

The investigation typically includes borehole drilling, logging, and sampling to identify subsurface soil conditions. The laboratory test results for soil moisture, classification and plasticity properties are incorporated into the investigation to comprehensively understand the prevailing site conditions and recommend the best-suited remediation measures.

GEOID can provide you a feature survey (Land Detail or Topographic Survey) including ground levels and contours or re-establishment surveys which define property boundaries. We present the collected data on a detailed map or plan to provide required information.

GEOID engineering joined hands with Victoria University in a research project that investigates the role of expansive soil movements on the performance of waffle raft foundations and sustainable practices/methodologies in foundation constructions.

We are proud to have contributed to the development of the industry through research projects.


Comercial Basement - Donnybrook Road Mickham

Comercial Basement
Donnybrook Road Mickham

Large Subdivision  Development - Clyde VIC

Large Subdivision Development
Clyde VIC

Multistorey Development with Basement - Hampton East VIC

Multistorey Development with Basement
Hampton East VIC

Multiunit Basement - Highton VIC

Multiunit Basement
Highton VIC

Two Basement Multistorey - Plenty Road Preston

Two Basement Multistorey
Plenty Road Preston

Two Basement Multistorey - Plenty Road Preston

Residential Projects -

Two Basement Multistorey - North Melbourne

Two Basement Multistorey
North Melbourne

Childcare Centre - Cardigan

Childcare Centre

Multistaged Multiunit Residential Development

Multistaged Multiunit Residential Development

Mixed Use Development - High Street, Prahran

Mixed Use Development
High Street, Prahran


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